Thursday, September 23, 2010

A reckoning is coming.

So conventional wisdom is that the combination of history and pure legislative incompetence is going to doom the Democrats to losing the House in November. I'm a tad unconvinced that the so-called "tidal wave" will be as bad as it's being made out to be, but then I see genius strategic moves like this.

This is not what I voted for. I am an avowed liberal with a very strong backbone who is not reduced to a quivering mass of jelly whenever it's time to match wits with a "conservative." I want elected officials -- you know, REPRESENTATIVES -- who are of the same timbre. If a mass purge of all the lilly-livered pussies in the House and the Senate is what it takes to bring this about, so be it.

Captain Kirk put it eloquently.


Just Jack said...

I think the only thing that will fix this is either a) the sudden emergence of a viable third party or b) the institution of term limits on Congress. So long as there are career politicians and a majority to be preserved we'll never have politicians that actually act on behalf of their representatives. Add in the need for coalition building, or the fact that you actually need to accomplish something in your shorter tenure in Congress and I think you'd see something different.

Admiral X said...

B will never happen. If you were making $150k per year and stood to get as much in pension after you were defeated/retired, would you vote for term limits?

A needs to happen, and I think it will as a result of what's going on today. Folks in our generation should, by now, be utterly fed up with the bullshit, and if we're not, we will be when we start paying taxes directly to Baby Boomers who, then retired, are living it up on our dime.