Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Never Claimed to be a Democrat...

But, this is why I won't vote for republicans... Their Fall Agenda sounds like a bunch of bull malarkey to me. On one hand we want to pay close attention to the rights of the individual. On the other hand, we want to take away the freedoms of some individuals, because we don't agree with who they choose to love.

The people who are out of touch with America are the Congresspeople of this great nation. All of them need to be put in check and remember the thing that makes this nation great: The fact that we were formed as a nation to protect the unalienable rights gauranteed by our Creator. If you can't remember what those are, they are Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. (or better yet look for yourself: Declaration of Independence . So, get out of my way as I presue happiness.

And just in case you have actually forgotten what the Constitution looks like, I provided a link for that. And just a gentle reminder, the judiciary branch exists to keep you guys and gals from pissing off too many of the people, while you continue to right legislation that is not only unconstitutional, but also just mean. As Jon Stewert asked last night: "Are We Run By Assholes?" "Indeed."

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