Friday, September 17, 2010

Naked Firefighters Serving Dinner?!

NBC News has reported that a number of local DC firefighters reportedly cooked and served dinner at a retirement celebration at a Columbia Heights fire station while both male and female firefighters were present and an investigation is underway to determine what happened (um, i think it's pretty obvious) and how these brazen individuals should be punished.

Um, I fail to see the issue here because even with the blurry photo (see above)that's been leaked and shown across major news networks and websites it doesn't look like at least one of these naked firefighters was out of shape so i say

serve on!!

but as a trained and degree carrying culinary professional i must point out the major health and risk factors for a naked male cooking in a production kitchen:

1. any kitchen is considered a dangerous place to be/work within and without proper clothing while cooking via gas ranges one greatly increases the chances of being burned including ones 'little solider' which is clearly undesirable on any level

2. the increased likelihood of unwanted body parts such as hair, nails and the like making it into cooked dishes, which is just gross and violates basic sanitation rules for any kitchen ... unless you're into that sorta thing (and if you are you have bigger things to worry about then this blog post)

3. and a higher level of 'distractions' (naked ding dogs flopping about) when chopping, cutting, and cooking which could lead to more mistakes such as the 'accidentally' chopping off of ones flopping ding dong, which is again undesirable on any level if one is not fully focused to the task(s) at hand

I strongly, STRONGLY, recommend that no amatures try this at home as these are trained professionals that deal with fire all the time, and from the looks of it, don't look half bad doing it!! ^_^


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Just Jack said...

I made bacon once without a shirt on, never again. But, as you say, I guess they are used to it.