Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Evil Corporate Dystopia of every 80s Sci-Fi Movie is Nigh

So the past week's reading has made me even more resolute that their needs to be Federal intervention into the wireless marketplace.

First, we have Verizon "Choice is our middle name" Wireless trying to convince us that their VCast App store and their other efforts with Android are about providing customers "choice" and not about making money and locking people into their walled garden so they're less liable to leave.

Then, we have the AT&T Death Star basically celebrating the fact that 80% of their iPhone customers are locked into AT&T.

And, now, we have T-is-for-text-unless-we-say-otherwise-Mobile attempting to censor the text messages that it carries specifically because the government has made clear where wireless falls in the panoply of communications regulations.

So, all that's left is Sprint... then again, they sponsor NASCAR so they're evil enough already ;-)

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