Friday, September 23, 2011

Competitive Nature vs. Tactfulness

The structure of my learning experiences in the past to force me to describe my decisions in detail, has lead to an interesting negative externality. In high stress, quick decision situations, I lose my ability to internalize my decision process and word vomit my rational.

Example from real life: "We need are best players on the field, so put in..." What I failed to realize in this scenario is 1) the feelings of the people that I did not list (though I listed 3 and left the other 8 positions to be filled accordingly around them) & 2) what changes had been made, since the beginning of the game that may ineffectively leave players on the sideline that I wanted in the game. Would I change this decision? No. Would I handle it better had I not been trying to get my point across in a short amount of time? Yes.

My leadership skills outside of these small situations are very strong. But, I wonder sometimes how much these small situations may detract from my ability overall? Apologies only go so far to repair this. Do a lot of people run into the same issue, or is it my need to show my rational, just that--my need?

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Just Jack said...

LOL... was my recoil that visible ;-)

In this particular scenario, I don't think your need to express your rationale was abnormal. I think that it's for just this reason that most professional sports team leaderships have either headsets or a code worked out to communicate.