Friday, September 23, 2011

Music Video Friday: Stand By R.E.M.

I have a weekly feature at my personal blog (shameless self promotion? yes please!) where I highlight whatever random some pops into my head. Usually I'll type words of somesuch or another to frame the video. I've decided, as a way to keep content coming on this community site, to cross-post it here every Friday as well. Enjoy, peeps!

I'm certain that you've heard the news: R.E.M. is calling it quits after over 30 years of music making. I wouldn't call myself a dedicated fan, but I am a fan. I have all of their albums. I enjoy the vast majority of the music they've made. While their post New Adventures in Hi-Fi music was still good, the band called "R.E.M." was over when Bill Berry left. Michael, Peter, and Mike carried on for five more solid albums and 15 more solid years as something that very closely resembled "R.E.M." but not quite.

It's hard for me to pick out just one song to showcase. There are just so many. But the one I've got for you today is up in my Top 10 from the band. It's a bouncy tune with an important message about becoming actively involved "in the place where you live". It's up to you to decide to what degree and in what ways you will be.

And also, dance steps. We could all use a little more exercise, right?

Now face North.

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