Monday, December 6, 2010

For Shame, 100MC! For Shame!

By my count, this blog site has twelve authorized contributors. How is it that this blog site is as quiet as Todd Palin during the Troopergate investigation? I mean, seriously. You are some of the most boisterous, loquacious people I know, even the quietest among you.

Since her christening, eight contributors have actually, you know, contributed content to the site. Only three have written anything in the past month.

What gives, y'all?

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Tuffie said...


i lost my laptop?

my dog ate my powercord??

i was hit by a Metro Bus and forgot how the Internets work???

honestly i have zero excuses outside of spending sometime revamping my blog but now that i've gotten it the face life it apparently needed, time to start looking into new things i find tragically interesting

like McDonald's, who knew it is such a diverse company that is spending bazillions of dollars incorporating the principles of design into its dated business model in order to breath new life into its brand