Friday, December 17, 2010

so how much IS that oh so fresh feeling worth to you down there? About 6 Grand!

so i'm not one to buck back at the various ways technology makes my life ah may zing

from my kick ass cell phone to instant streaming movies to my ability to never again have to ask for directions it's pretty clear that technology is pretty fucking kick ass in todays age

but what happens with technology combines forces with one of the most intimate acts a person is forced to commit (thank you Mother Nature) about a bazillion times a year?!


the worlds first six thousand dollar john by INAX (is there nothing those crafty small-handed japs can't do?! ^_^) that does everything from auto raises the seat when it 'senses' you approaching to washing your bum with two (because clearly one can't handle this dirty job) water jets that can be set to 'massage' AND plays soothing music that tricks your brains alpha waves to relax your body so you're the most efficient you can be when having to drop some kids off at the pool

lets me honest, as far as johns go, this is the Rolls-Royce in todays world but honestly, six grand so my butt can be massaged while being serenaded by soothing muzaks is a bit much

but what say you??


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