Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Something... Yeah, the title was hard too.

As I find myself soaring above the clouds at 30,000 ft., I decided there wasn't possibly a better time to contribute to the collective mind of the 100MC. Firstly, I will not apologize for the absence, as I am sure another will happen at some point during next semester and maybe even as soon as next week with finals looming. These things are just a matter of course, not from the time constraints, but from being mentally zapped for writing by the demands of my classes. But, I digress.

I am in the air and it is an easy place to write, since I deliberately left my school books and notes at home, so I could take one last real break before tackling the end of the semester. So, what does the Knowledgemonger ponder while flying across country on his own? His mental health? The fickleness of the American people in regards to the elections earlier this month or their want for safety, but not to be touched or have their naughty bits exposed when walking through a scanner to a TSA Agent? How about Oprah's "Favorite Things?'

The problem with having not tackled anything recently, is that I am now caught with a new problem: The ability to write about anything, but not being able to grasp at a theme with which to run. So, as mentioned 2 entries down, I am going to "write about what I know.

So, for right this very instant what I know is this: AirTran's customer service is awesome! The flight crew are very friendly, had a few conversations with them before we left the ground. Having WiFi Access that works is a plus, not like some other airline that I flew recently. *Cough*United*Cough* And being able to listen to XM Satelitte radio in-flight is a great plus to me. Now granted, the XM comes at the cost of no inflight movie, but with the WiFi access, who cares, I get to choose my own entertainment.

They have come a long way since, they changed their name from ValuJet to escape the plague of 2 fatal crashes in the 1990s. But, this seems like a company that has made a strong recovery from such disasters. Granted, if something should happen to the flight that I am on after this post, someone call Alanis Morissette and tell her what the definition of "ironic" really is. (BTW, that page linked by the word "ironic" is a gem.

Okay, Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll! "Is this Plymouth? We've just come from Plymouth. We've gone around in circles, lads. Get back on the boat!"

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