Monday, November 22, 2010

Is TSA the devil? I think not.

I'm highly annoyed with all the whining (aka major bitchfest) from US consumers about the new TSA security screening rules. This has been my standing thought about this as advertised via Google Buzz

"all the people bitching about the new TSA screening processes and how this is such a 'huge invasion of privacy' and these policies should be abolished will also be the same people first in line to bitch about how a successful terrorist event was able to occur and these policies could have prevented with these same policies and where was TSA then.

people really need to stop being such sissies get the fuck over it. as someone who travels for work a good deal of the year both domestically and internationally a pat down if it prevents my plane blowing up is a SMALL PRICE TO PAY if it could potentially save my life and the lives of hundreds of people on board if not thousands should it be hijacked and used as a weapon and flown into a highly populated area."

But thoughts? This really comes to mind because it's all over the news before a major US holiday (Thanksgiving) I was offsite at a procurement training where our case study was based off of this issue and I was shocked to see how so many people, mostly Federal employees from across the nation, felt about and how apparently ignorance really is contagious.

And if you plan to make the argument of why the US turned cheek towards implementing Israeli-ish security policies please be mindful that the US consumer base for commercial air flight travel is 100% different then that of Israel which means they have the advantage (some would say luxury) of implementing unique security polices where as the USA has to focus on a much more diverse consumer base that outstrips Israel in business 10 to 1 on any given day.

anyway, thoughts because I'd really hate to think I'm the only sane person out there.



The Diarist said...

explorer said...
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Admiral X said...

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin

Tuffie said...

@ The Diarist, I actually have a large number of conversations going based on my comment to that Gizmodo thread that uses the Land of the Free pic. It has been very entertaining! ^_^

In regards to Mr. Walkers article that's a very slim data sample to weight against the entire US and foreign populace that utilizes air travel.

@ Admiral, Ben's quote has been circulated a lot these days in response to recent events with TSA. I guess my only response to that is if it's applicable in todays world?

This is based on our current threats from a highly funded group of people who are constantly looking for new/innovative ways (such as recruiting persons to their cause who are American citizens) to hurt our people and society. They do not just 'dislike' America and Americans but hate us and feel our very way of life and existence should be destroyed.

I'm not saying the new TSA security screening processes are full-proof but as one person said they've yet to prove they can thwart a terrorist attack to which I asked him "so you'd be ok with these new screening rules only if a successful terrorist attack either occurred and lives were lost or was prevented from occurring by either a full body scan or pat down?"

He didn't have an answer.


Admiral X said...

Fool proof.

The entire point of terrorism is to make us do exactly what we're doing: overreact and start doing things other than living our normal lives.

We had the same level of threat before 9/11 as we have today. How many terror attacks were there before 9/11? How many have there been in the decade since?


Franklin's quote is no more irrelevant today than the bill of rights. They are contemporaries.