Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Humor from the Political Circus...

From West Coast to East Coast, we've got crazy ass shit going on... so much so that I think it no longer qualifies as political theater and is now into straight on circus antics in both the modern and Roman senses ;-)

Gizmodo has this story about what happens when you leave off a letter from a bit.ly address in a political tweet:

This is not the endorsement you are looking for.

Then in NY, we've got Handles McSideburns:

and the Madam who thinks she can fix the Metropolitan Transportation Authority because at her escort service she was able to provide "on-time and reliable service."

And this is all without even touching on the Tea Partiers... The Rally to Restore Sanity can't come soon enough. Is it any wonder that I've been reveling in the original cast recording to Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson:

(Yes, I can bring almost any topic back to Broadway ;-)

Oh, and a bonus intentional bit of comedy:

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