Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just a little something I wrote, once upon a time...

Want You

I am not going to say that I want you.
You wouldn't believe me anyway;
Not that I don't appreciate that fact,
I sympathize with your need to have proof
Of such things as: Want... and Love.
Declarations are used all the time by claimants
"I WANT you" "I NEED you" "I LOVE you"
But not me, not today.

I already said, I am not going to say that I want you.
Who would want to deal with the hours? Seriously.
Playing games, listening to music, watching the longest movie EVER.
Talking about things of greater substance than the casual
"How are you?"s "What do you do?"s & the "Oh My God, girl, did you hear?"s
The fluff is so much easier to digest.
And I am sure one trick or another would be pleased to discuss them at great length...
WELL, maybe not GREAT length

Oh and by the way, I am not going to say that I need you, either.
I wouldn't begin to know where to put someone so complex.
It is not because I have so many complexities myself.
Rather, I do not have the experience in peeling an onion.
A layer, a layer, a layer...each more uncertain than the last.
I am sure like an onion, there would be crying with each unraveling.
There has got to be a person less intense...
But, I assume not quite as interesting.

So, what if I did say that I want you?
I have some hours to spare in my life.
Perhaps, I have nothing better to do.
But, if I keep thinking that way, does that make you the best use of my time?
I admit I like the games, I enjoy the music & the videos have been wonderful.
AND, perhaps your complexities and the substantial conversations are welcome.
Maybe there would not be much crying, a few shed tears, more smiles and laughs.
Spending time until the morning sun rises over the city.

Maybe, I do need that in my life.
Maybe, I have not had that kind of real moment.
Maybe, I could hear more about the pains & joys of growth.
Maybe, I need the challenge to my thoughts.
And Just Maybe, you are the one to provide that.

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