Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blogging Made Easier

As I sit here pondering my decision to have a 3 hour gap between my first class and the rest of them, I am reminded that I should actually blog. So today in true Martha Stewart fashion I am going to give you 5 easy things you can do that will make for an entertaining blog post:

1. By far the easiest is to take a picture of something or someone and make fun of it or make it look ridiculously cute. The wittier you are the better you will pull this off. Easy Targets: People at WalMart, Baby Animals, Church Signs, Traffic Signs that contradict one another, Celebrities & Children's Drawings.

2. Video yourself. Say whatever you want, again it helps to be witty. Things that can assist in making this approach successful: a webcam (duh!), costumes, an expressive face & eloquence when speaking.

3. Discuss media: music, movies, webpages, books, games, etc. Everyone loves pop culture and whatever you have to say has to be at least as interesting as whatever someone else has to say. Go hear a cool band *ding* blog it. Go see that new blockbuster movie *ding* blog it. Play a game that frustrates the hell out of you *ding* blog it.

4. Write about something that is out of the ordinary or is downright ridiculous. Santa driving your city bus, Shit your dad says, people repeatedly walking into a window that they think is a door... there are gems that happen everyday around each of us, believe me I work at a bar.

5. Make a list of things in a process to make things easier for someone else: like this blog entry. Good at cooking?... Awesome... post recipes and discuss foods... Got a hobby? You have an outlet and a way to get ideas from others.

Now, that I have given you some help, 100MCers... Where the Hell are You?

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